Makeup & Waxing

Aveda makeup reflects a full range of shades from nature’s palette, in formulas that actually care for you. Vitamins counteract environmental aggressors to skin and plant-based emollients moisturize. What you put on your face goes into your body. 

ONU is an Aveda beauty salon exclusively using Aveda products and treatments, because we share Aveda's mission of caring for the earth and everyone on it. 

Aveda’s mission isn’t just something to put on brochures: it’s a way of life. Aveda makeup is created using methods and ingredients that benefit the earth. Products are harvested in local and indigenous communities to enrich their economy and their land. Products are packaged using 80 percent post-consumer recycled aluminum and paper, which reduces energy up to 75 percent. Why? Because what we put on the planet (and what we take away from it) affects us all. 




Bridal Makeup Application
Layered for longevity, lights and cameras.
Makeup Application
Everyday makeup
Makeup Lesson
A full lesson on skincare and makeup for daytime or evening.

*Pre-payment for this service is required – price of makeup service is applied to Aveda makeup and skincare.


Face only
$15 & Up
Brow, lip and chin